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We have a passion here at Curtis Bay Medical Waste Service for compliance and the solutions we bring to the market place. This passion allows us to be innovative and pushes us to constantly be improving our overall service.

Our "outside the box" thought process helped us identify the growing epidemic of data breaches, data security, and data privacy. The ever-expanding epidemic revolving around data breaches and data security can easily become a significant business expense for any size customer, which is why we are so excited and so proud to bring CSR’s Readiness Pro. Readiness Pro will help strengthen the data privacy practices within your business, which will help with the overall privacy of your patients, customers, and employees. You can start using Readiness Pro in 5 easy steps. Please view the registration tutorial to learn more about the simple registration process and get started in minutes!

You can do this in 5 easy steps

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Security Vulnerabilities

  • People

    Your employees and End Users

  • 3rd Party Vendors

    The businesses you work with on a day to day basis

  • Communications

    Your computers, servers, and additional storage devices like USB devices

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